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5 min readDec 13, 2021


Migrating to Version 3

Multi-Chain Capital Version 3 has successfully launched on Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

Multi-Chain Capital: Version 3

Version 3 Migration

The migration portal supports all scenarios for claiming v3 tokens as well as obtaining v2 token compensation.

There are two transactions needed for completing a swap:

#1. Approving Version 2 Tokens for Swap.
#2. Swapping Version 2 Tokens for Ethereum, and Claiming Version 3 Tokens.

[Note: The first transaction for “Approve” needs to be completed before the second can come up. If having issues, logout of your wallet and then log back in to claim.]

The preferred method for claiming the AirDrop is via MetaMask on a PC. If a mobile device is not working for claiming, attempt the claim on PC.

If you have claimed your AirDrop, and found an issue in the process, please assist other community members in their claim.

Version 3 Migration Portal

The Migration Portal will be Open for 7 Days.

It will close on Monday, December 20th at 11am EST.


There are three core principals to the tokenomics to of MCC version 3.

1. Reflections to Holders — 5% of every buy and sell goes to existing holders via reflections.

2. Buy Backs via High-Yield Farming — 5% of each buy and sell goes into the MCC treasury which invests in high yield projects on L2 chains (Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche).

3. The supply has increased to 4.2T support Multi-Chain$MCC will be able to be bridged between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

[Note: You may notice the ~4.2T number from somewhere else, $OKLG. This is significant to our partnership with Moontography, and gives us plenty of room for significant token burn events.]

MCC Total Supply

The supply of MCC has increased to support more functionality vs. previous version. In Version 1, we were fully diluted into the market, with no supply left for bridging or other future functionality.

  • To support the Version 1 AirDrop at a 1:1 ratio, we needed over 2.1T tokens to compensate users for the inflated supply on the Version 1 contract.
  • To support Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) at the same time, the supply needed to be increased for liquidity provisions and locking tokens into the cross-chain bridge.
  • The remaining tokens will be used for burning to reduce the circulating supply. This will make MCC deflationary as these burned tokens will increase with reflections.


Q: My transaction is not completing, What can I do?
A: Increase the Gas Price (GWEI) used to allow for market conditions. This is dependent on the current Ethereum network load.

Q: Why are there two transactions during the claim?
A: The first transaction Approves MCC Version 2 to Swap. The second transaction sends your MCC Version 3 and Swaps the MCC Version 2 for Ethereum.

Q: When is the treasury tax taken out?
A: The Token Contract MCC builds up reflections (from buys and sells) until the Token Contract holds over 5M MCC tokens, which at that point it these will be sold into the Uniswap pool on the next user sale and these funds are sent to the MCC Treasury.

Q: How do I claim my tokens using Coinbase Wallet or TrustWallet?

#1. Open a fresh version of Metamask. If you already have accounts logged in, please ensure you back up your accounts by clicking on Settings > Security & Privacy and Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase (never share this with anyone).
#2. If you are not already logged out of Metamask, click the profile icon in the top right hand side of your Metamask window and click ‘Lock’. You will then see an option to ‘import using Secret Recovery Phrase’.
#3. This is where you will input your 12 word seed phrase from your wallet, being a hardware wallet, Trust Wallet or Coinbase Wallet.
#4. Set a new password for MetaMask.
#5. Connect to the AirDrop Claim Portal

Videos on Importing into MetaMask:

Q: What if I provided liquidity for Version 1 or Version 2? Do I get an AirDrop?
A: Multi-Chain Capital never incentivized LP providers and never recommended adding liquidity. The snapshots taken do not take into account Liquidity Providers since the tokens were not in their wallet at the time of snapshot.

Q: What was the refund rate for Version 2 new buyers?
A: The refund rate was taken as 30% of $0.000008332. This was used as it would not be possible to refund everyone 100% of their value and still launch a Version 3.

Q: Why are my current Version 3 holdings lower compared to the Version 1 value?
A: This is because the Version 1 token contract was inflated with an increased supply and everyone’s holdings were diluted as supply increased. This was not showing on DexTools or anywhere else because the supply was still being calculated on the non-inflated supply of 1T.

Q: Why did you tell us to hold v2 that we could have sold before the swap?
A: We did not want to cause a market panic situation where every Version 2 holder tried to exit the market and cause a chain reaction draining the value of the liquidity pool where no one could obtain value.

Q: Why is the transaction cost high to claim the v3 tokens?
A: The transaction cost is dependent on the current Ethereum Gas Prices, if the network conditions are congested, the cost of the transaction is higher. For a cheaper transaction, wait until Gas Prices lower during periods of lower network activity.

Q: When is the bridge (BSC to Ethereum) going to be available?
A: The bridge work is in progress, the backend is fairly straightforward whereas the frontend just needs to be integrated into our website.

Q: How can I claim the AirDrop with a Trezor?
A: For those with Hardware Wallets (Trezor) — there was an issue claiming because the firmware lacks EIP-1559 support.

This has now been fixed in the latest version of Trezor and Metamask.

#12627: Add support for eip-1559 on Trezor Model T and Trezor Model One

Steps to Update Trezor and Metamask:
#1. Update Trezor (https://suite.trezor.io/start/)
#2. Update Metamask to v10.8 (https://metamask.io/download.html)
#3. Claim AirDrop (https://claim.mchain.capital)

Q: Why is the Multi-Chain Capital Website Dashboard showing incorrect information for Market Cap and Volume?
A: The website is currently pulling from Coingecko (which is using the old Version 1 contract information). This will be updated shortly.

Q: How do reflections work in a cross-chain (Ethereum and BSC) environment?
A: Reflections earned are independent on each chain, so Ethereum users would earn reflections only from Ethereum, and BSC holders will earn reflections from only BSC trades.



Multi-Chain Capital

You buy $MCC, we farm on multiple chains and return the profits to holders.