Project Update — June 2022

Launch of Reflector Collector and the Flagship Product Portfolio

Multi-Chain Capital
5 min readJul 1, 2022

Key Highlights:

  • 33,200+ Holders of $MCC on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Fantom.
  • 5,830+ MultiNodes Created Across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Fantom.
  • Total Treasury Value is now at $12.8M.
  • Release of Reflector Collector on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Fantom.

The Flagship Product Portfolio

The Multi-Chain Capital Flagship Product Portfolio consists of the following:

  • Multi-Chain Capital The $MCC Token which is bridged across all deployed networks (Currently: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom and Metis).
  • MultiNodes —An auto-earning NFT which yields $MCC rewards.
  • MultiPrint — Rewards for farming and staking rewards from MultiNodes and Multi-Chain Capital: Incubations.
  • Reflector Collector — Pooling of reflections together for earnings aside from the native token.
  • Multi-Chain Capital: Incubations — Additional projects that provide automatic buybacks of $MCC via Smart Contract.

Reflector Collector

Reflections tokens tend to be great for “whales” because their large position size allows them to accumulate more and more reflections, compounding their earnings over time.

But, what if we could turn the tables, and have users be the “whale”?

By pooling together the reflections into one address, the Reflector Collector allows multiple user’s to pool their reflections together and act as the “whale”. This pool will then gather a larger and larger share of the reflections, compounding the gains over time.

Reflector Collector:

The reflections are harvested by the “ReflectorChef” contract, and then sent to the “Treasury” contract to convert the reflections into $RC tokens and send them to the Burn Address.

Treasury Update

The total Multi-Chain Capital Treasury Value is now $12.8M. It is divided into high, medium and low-risk categories to optimize returns while containing risk.

View Portfolio Allocation on Zapper

High Risk: Fantom

The investments in Fantom are currently held in spot $FTM. In addition there are minor investments in Based Finance and Tomb Finance.

Medium Risk: Convex Finance

The investments in $cvxCRV are currently staked in Convex Finance, earning ~97.24% APR.

All $CRV and $CVX rewards are harvested and compounded back into Convex, while the stablecoin earnings are are used to buy back $MCC.

Low Risk: DeFi BlueChips and Stablecoins

The investments in DeFi Bluechips such as $ETH, $YFI and $LINK are currently held in spot with no counter-party risk.

Recent downtrends in the Ethereum market have allowed the treasury to add to our spot $ETH holdings.

Two of the most trusted stablecoins, $USDC and $DAI are used to preserve the Treasury’s “dry-powder” to be used in the case further drops in the market occur.

Low Risk: Spot Ethereum

At the lowest end of the risk/return spectrum, the Multi-Chain Capital Treasury also maintains a healthy reserve of $ETH held without any counter-party risk. The objective of this investment is to maintain project runway and ensure MultiNode sustainability.

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Multi-Chain Capital

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