MultiNodes Launched

Over 3,000 Nodes Created Since Launch, Next Up, Multi-Chain MultiNodes

Multi-Chain Capital
7 min readFeb 17, 2022

Key Highlights:

  • Over 30,000 Holders on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain
  • 3,000 Nodes Created Across Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain
  • Over $8M in Stablecoins Raised to Invest and Return Back to MultiNode holders.
  • Secondary Market is open for MultiNodes on OpenSea (~21 ETH Volume) and ToFuNFT.
  • Total Treasury Value is now at $20.8M
  • Circulating Supply Down to 1.8T $MCC
    (~10% of Supply Locked by MultiNodes)

MultiNodes Launch Recap

MultiNodes successfully launched, below is a summary of the current nodes by type on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks.

Ethereum Nodes

BSC Nodes

MultiNodes Sustainability

One of the most important questions and comments regarding MultiNodes is the sustainability. At Multi-Chain Capital, we have taken a long-view of the market and created at least six different streams of sustainability for MultiNodes.

There are six pillars to ensure the MultiNodes project has a sustainable future:

#1. First, we will have an $MCC Rewards Pool that we will constantly add all $MCC from newly created nodes to.

#2. Second, this $MCC Rewards Pool will continue to compound and earn reflections from Buy and Sells of $MCC, which will increase the amount of total rewards.

#3. Third, with the stablecoins collected upon node creation, these will be sent to a MultiNode Treasury to earn profits used to Market Buy $MCC to add to the reward pool. These stablecoins will be invested in various farming and yield bearing investments to ensure a high reward rate.

#4. In addition, a portion of the taxes from volume on $MCC specifically related to the nodes will also be monitored and these funds will be added accordingly when required.

#5. The royalties of secondary MultiNode sales on OpenSea and other third party sites will also be used to buy $MCC and add to the rewards pool. Royalties are set to 3.0%.

#6. Lastly, on top of all of the above, future $MCC products will wherever possible have a mechanism within that contributes a small percentage of profits towards the MultiNodes rewards pool.

We strongly believe that these multiple measures will provide both sustainability and longevity to the product.

MultiNodes Secondary Market


The secondary market place for Ethereum is on OpenSea.

OpenSea Marketplace


The secondary market place for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is at ToFuNFT.

ToFu NFT Marketplace

Treasury Update

The current Multi-Chain Capital Treasury is valued at $20.8M.

View the Multi-Chain Capital Treasury

Recent Investments

We have split the investments into three risk profiles, low, medium and high. As new Stablecoins come into the MultiNode Treasury, they are invested into these three main buckets.

Stablecoin Yield (Low-Risk)

To keep building our base of Stablecoins, we have invested a total of $3.3M into Tarot Finance earning 5.6% APR.

Convex (Medium-Risk)

We have invested an additional ~$800K into Convex Finance $CVXCRV to earn at ~42% APR.

TOMB Finance (High-Risk)

We have invested an additional ~$400K (on top of $200K existing investment) into Tomb.Finance $TSHARES to earn $TOMB at 1288.66% APR.

What’s Next?

As we look to the future at Multi-Chain Capital, we have many plans for expansion, detailed below:

#1. MultiNodes Goes Multi-Chain — We are exploring other L1 and zK-Rollup Chains to expand the MultiNodes program onto. We are looking at leveraging “builders” rewards to continue to improve the sustainability of Multi-Chain Capital as we expand.

#2. MultiPrint Coming Next — MultiPrint will do wonders to reduce the sell pressure of $MCC coming from the rewards in MultiNodes. We are looking to tightly integrate these products such that they have a synergistic relationship that elevates the value of both products.

#3. Continued Expansion of the Flagship Product Portfolio — MultiNodes and MultiPrint are just the start of the Multi-Chain Capital Product Portfolio. We view Multi-Chain Capital as a set of “DeFi Legos” that we can continue to build up to increase the value of $MCC.


Q: Will the rewards only be in $MCC?
Initially yes, in time will will look to add alternative rewards. We feel the benefits of this would be reduced sell pressure of $MCC and also this could provide those claiming a more profitable exit route if the alternative rewards have a zero sales tax.

Q: How do we sustain $MCC Price in the short term?
A: Continued expansion, the addition of MultiNodes deployed on lower cost Gas chains like Fantom or Metis would lead to a large demand for $MCC to be bridge over to that network for node create.

Q: If $MCC goes Up/Down in Price will my rewards be impacted?
The amount of $MCC you receive when you create you node will be fixed to a set amount. All the time the initial rates remain as they are this will not change. As the market value of $MCC increases or decrease the value of your fixed amount of daily rewards will also increase/decrease in value, but the amount of $MCC remains the same.

Q: How often can I claim my rewards?
A: Rewards can be claimed every 24 hours.

Q: Are there claims taxes or monthly fees on MultiNodes?
Absolutely none, We took this decision as we want our node holders to benefit in full from all rewards earned.

Q: Will there be the option to compound directly into additional nodes using just earn $MCC in the future?
A: This is a feature we are looking to add after launch, as this is heavily requested.

Q: Are nodes unlimited or limited in capacity?
A: We have no immediate plans to limit the amount of nodes created at this time


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Node Income is subject to change over time.



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