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Setting the Tone for Future Products in the Flagship Portfolio from Multi-Chain Capital

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7 min readFeb 10, 2022

Key Highlights

  • Over 28,000 Holders Across Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain
  • Hyper-Deflationary Tokenomics continue to burn supply, with the Burn Wallet at 36.83% of the Total Supply.
  • Over 44 Buy Backs, Totaling $1.9M with an Average of $43,000 per Buy Back.
  • Total Treasury Value is at $10.2M with over $2.7M being in Stablecoins.

MultiNodes User Interface

For the MultiNodes user interface, we have focused on ease of use and laying out the dashboard in a clear manner. On the top we will have statistics showing Global Node creation and Node Treasury size. At the bottom will be a section to view your nodes, claim your rewards and then create a new node.

MultiNode Creation Process

For the node creation process, we focused on a “Wizard” like interface that walks the user through the process in a step by step fashion.

  • First, you select which Node Tier you will create.
  • Next, you will be presented with the screen to “Approve” the tokens to be used in MultiNode creation, both $MCC and $USDT.

Finally, you will confirm your selections and then create the node in
Step 3.

Treasury Update

The current Multi-Chain Capital Treasury is valued at $10.2M.

View the Multi-Chain Capital Treasury

Stablecoin Farming

The total Stablecoins earning yield in the portfolio is ~$2.7M. These are split into a variety of protocols to earn yield and distribute risk.


First up, Beethtoven-X platform has roughly $1.3M of the Multi-Chain Capital Treasury currently earning $BEETS rewards in two different pools.

A new pool was recently launched this week, the “Steady Beets, Yearn Boosted Vault”, which offered an APR of around ~20%.


Next up, there is roughly $445K in Curve on Fantom, earning $CRV and $FTM tokens.

Tarot Vaults

Lastly, there is ~$920K in Tarot Finance, which has an average APR in the range of 7–12% range.

Locking CRV on Convex

For an initial investment of $200K into Convex, the position has raised value to $207K, but more importantly, that principal is earning as much as 50% APR. This might be one of the most long term, risk-reward bets there are in DeFi. Why do we say that? Well, Curve is a de-factor stablecoin swapping platform on multiple chains. By staking in Convex, you earn a share of Curve’s profits as well as additional Convex tokens you can stake for more earnings. Put simply, it’s a flywheel of earnings into a project that has sustainability as long as stablecoins are used heavily in DeFi.

SOLIDLY Released

Andre Cronje’s new project, SOLIDLY has just been released on to the Fantom Mainnet. Why is this significant? Solidly aims to become the de-facto stablecoin swapping interface on Fantom claiming to be a next generation AAM (Automated Market Maker).

Solidly Exchange on Fantom

OxDAO — A Path to Earning SOLIDLY

To earn $SOLID tokens in the future, Multi-Chain Capital is farming on OxDAO to earn $OXD tokens. Currently we have around $50K in the platform, including the compounding $OXD for $OXD pool.

Fairly soon, the emissions will be cut for $OXD, meaning that all auto-compounder vault sell pressure will end, allowing the price to find better footing and value considering the ve(3,3) of $SOLID Tokens that it will be inheriting.

Fantom vs. Ethereum Fees

As a point of reference on why we are so bullish on Fantom, we have taken a snapshot of our total fees used in the Farming wallet on both Ethereum and Fantom.

  • For Ethereum, we used ~$18K or around 5.6 $ETH for 275 Transactions.
  • For Fantom, we have used less than $400 or around 165 $FTM for over 1200 Transactions.

For over 4x the number of transactions, Fantom consumed only 2% total fees for Gas vs. Ethereum.

Node Income

In addition to Yield Farming investments, we have also made allocations into Node-based projects which provide a life-term passive income on an initial investment of 10 $STRONG.

  • Strong Nodes — 27 Total Nodes (Was 25 Last Week)
  • Strong per Day — 2.7 $STRONG

Our StrongNode income is over $1.2K per Day (@ ~$460 per $STRONG), and using this income, based on a community vote, we are compounding this into new nodes. This process is as follows: build up a balance of 10 $STRONG; create a new StrongNode; Repeat. At the current rate we can create a new StrongNode every 4 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we plan on expanding $MCC to any other networks in the future?
Yes, this has been a top of mind discussion topic lately. We want to expand $MCC to multiple chains to enable the Multi-Chain Capital Flagship Product Suite to operate on a broader set of blockchains. We have no formal announcement on this at this time, however. Wait for more information from our official channels.

Q: Are we able to mint multiple nodes in one transaction?
A: Yes, You’ll be able to mint multiple nodes across multiple tiers in a single transaction.

Q: Do I have to claim rewards daily or can I let it accumulate and claim multiple rewards and once?
A: You can let you rewards accumulate and claim them when suits you. You’ll also be able to claim all rewards for all nodes in one transaction.

Q: What Secondary NFT Market Place will be used for Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?
A: We are currently exploring options, and potential partnerships, and the ToFuNFT Marketplace is one for consideration.


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Node Income is subject to change over time.



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