Multi-Chain Capital: Strategy v1.0

Multi-Chain Capital
3 min readNov 21, 2021


Overview of Current Investments and How “Liquid-Buy-Backs” Work


In the world of Decentralized Finance, buy backs are a prevalent mechanism to support price. However, most projects will “Buy Back and Burn”, which does nothing to improve the position of the LP (Liquidity Pool). In sharp contrast, Multi-Chain Capital (based on a community vote) has improved the buy back process to increase liquidity at the same time.

Step #1 — Buy Back $MCC Tokens:

Buy Back Transaction

Step #2 — Add Liquidity to $MCC / $ETH LP Pool:

Add Liquidity Transaction

Step #3 — Lock the Liquidity:

Unicrypt Liquidity Lock

Fantom Investments:

Current Fantom Investments cover the following sectors:

  • OHM Forks on Fantom ($SPA and $HEC)
  • Farming $GEIST using $FTM and $ETH on Geist.Finance
  • Auto-Compounding Farming: $TOMB x $FTM
Current Holdings on Fantom

Spartacus — 1,972,799% APY


Hector DAO — 450,231% APY

Hector DAO

TOMB-FTM — 1353% APR


Steps to Farm TOMB x FTM:

#1. Buy $TOMB on SpookySwap

#2. Buy $FTM to pair with $TOMB

#3. Add $TOMB/$FTM LP

#4. Stake on Reaper.Farm to Auto-Compound.

Avalanche Investments

Current Investments in Avalanche ($AVAX) include:

Current Holdings on Avalanche [Value Above Does Not Account for $TIME Holdings]

Wonderland— 96,724% APY




Multi-Chain Capital

You buy $MCC, we farm on multiple chains and return the profits to holders.