Multi-Chain Capital: Preparing For Mainstream Adoption of DeFi 3.0

Setting the stage for global growth and mass adoption for the next generation of DeFi products and services

Multi-Chain Capital
3 min readFeb 11, 2022

Reducing Taxes Effective Immediately

Multi-Chain Capital has made a strategic move to reduce its overall buy and sell taxes from 8% to 6% effective immediately.

Lowering the Barrier of Entry to DeFi 3.0

We strive to ensure that the next generation of DeFi products and services — including Farming as a Service (FaaS) and Nodes as a Service (NasS) to become as accessible and easy to use for as many people as possible around the world.

At the same time we find it important that the project and its products are long-term sustainable as well.

Our previous 8% tax consisted of 4% reflections and 4% redirected towards the treasury. This will now become 2% towards reflections and 4% to the treasury.

We have decided upon this for a number of reasons, with the very first being to lower the barrier of entry to DeFi 3.0 exposure, but also due to the following:

Supporting Centralized Exchange Listings

As the Multi-Chain Capital project continues to grow in market segment and adoption, we will become less hesitant towards listing on centralized exchanges.

We have seen in the past that some exchanges can be a bit more hesitant around listing tokens that employ usage of reflections.

Our legal team have advised us that whilst not a serious issue at this stage, we should consider an eventual phasing out reflections in order to ensure the token may not be considered as a potential security. Hence we feel this is important to start to act upon this as the project becomes more established as a more serious and long term player in the space.

We believe we will be able to continue growing our treasury from the volume traded on DEX’s whilst allowing trading on CEX’s tax free at the same time. Whilst we do not aim to implement taxes on potential CEX listings; we want to become accessible to as many people as possible, hence we are focusing on the bigger picture and targeting access to wider markets with more available liquidity.

Opening the Doors to New Potential Partnerships

The other benefit of targeting listings on centralized exchanges is that it not only cements our name in playing-field, but it also opens the doors for new potential partnerships in the DeFi arena.

Partnerships are crucial in the cryptocurrency space and here at Multi-Chain Capital, we understand that big names want to see working products, a dedicated team and liquid trading volumes that would usually be considered more difficult to achieve by trading on DEX’s alone.

The Value of Reflections

Reflections are a great way to incentivize the growth of early-stage projects. Multi-Chain Capital has come a long way since its inception just 2 months ago.

Reflections continue to be an essential part of the Multi-Chain Capital story, and they ensure that our hyper-deflationary tokenomics continue to burn supply.



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