Multi-Chain Capital: Long Term Plans

Mission Statement for Multi-Chain Capital

Key Announcements

The Evolution of Multi-Chain Capital

Tokenomics Evolution

Security Evolution

Focus on Decentralization for Risk Management of Funds

Token Contract Security

Audit By Certik

Liquidity Lock Duration

Uniswap Liquidity Lock:

PancakeSwap Liquidity Lock:

Rewards Evolution: Tax Reduction

Example Transaction showing the 8% Tax

What does a tax reduction do for Multi-Chain Capital?

Will I be receiving less reflections due to the tax reduction?

Farming Update

View Treasury Breakdown
A Majority of Our Multi-Chain Treasury is on Fantom

#1. Focus on Constant and Safe, Stablecoin Returns.

Scream on Fantom

Curve on Fantom

Farming on SpookySwap

#2. Focus on Farming Assets with Small IL (Impermanent Loss).

#3. Focus on Re-investing and Compounding Investments.

Staked SCREAM on Tarot

Frequently Asked Questions



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