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3 min readJan 11, 2022


Announcement of MultiPrint to Expand Multi-Chain Capital

The Flagship Product Suite

The Multi-Chain Capital product evolution is focused on bringing the best part of the farming experience, earning the rewardswithout all the hassle of needing to hunt for the best yield.

Today, we are announcing the first product in our flagship product suite

We present —”MultiPrint: De-Fi Farming Made Easy”

MultiPrint is the industry’s first multi-chain, multi-reward earning product and features innovations like Auto-Claim and Rotating Reward Pools.

  • MultiPrint Multi-Chain: Earn Rewards on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
  • MultiPrint Multi-Reward: Automatically Earn a Basket of Rewards to the user’s choice.
  • MultiPrint Auto-Claim: Gas-Less Automatic Distributions of Rewards.
  • MultiPrint Rotating Pools: Reward Pools with Dynamic Rewards that change based on New and Interesting Projects.

This is De-Fi farming made easy.

Five Printing Pools

  • “Blue Chips” — Earn $LINK and $ETH
  • “Wonderland Special” — Earn $MIM and $TIME
  • “Viking Warrior” — Earn $FLOKI and $ETH
  • “Mr. Capital Special” — Earn $MCC
  • “Rotating Rewards” — Earn a rotation of tokens such as $BTRFLY and $METIS and others.

We have chosen focused pools with rewards in projects that have clear fundamentals and high energy communities.

Key Features of MultiPrint

Automatic Distributions

MultiPrint supports gas-less automatic distributions to holders, to enable users to passively collect their rewards. This is made possible as Multi-Chain Capital will be automating weekly distributions with all gas costs paid by the Treasury. The automatic distributions capability will be available on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) only for the time being.

Rolling Pool Opening

The printing pools will be opened on a staggered basis to ensure that users have new options for rewards and also to ensure the unlock dates do not overlap.

Limited Capacity Pools

Pools will have limited capacity to keep the APY and reward rate high.

Locking Receives Rewards

The lock up period will vary from 1 month to 3 months. The longer you lock, the higher the APY you receive.

Multi-Chain Printing

MultiPrint will initially operate on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks, allowing holders of $MCC to earn rewards regardless of which chain they prefer.


MultiPrint is an industry first rewards program that enables users to earn multiple-rewards, on multiple-chains simultaneously with automatic distributions and without the need to claim.

This will result in a significant amount of $MCC in being locked up and thereby expected to cause a supply shock. MultiPrint will also allow Multi-Chain Capital to begin measuring TVL (Total Value Locked) which will provide another metric to highlight our growth.

MultiPrint represents Phase I in a suite of multiple products over time that will be a part of the Multi-Chain Capital Product Portfolio. Our objective is to be the most profitable #FAAS (Farming as a Service) project and we are already evolving to our end-state being, #IAAS (Investing as a Service).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I receive reflections if I lock up $MCC tokens?
A: Yes, reflections will be accounted for via your $wMCC token amount.

Q: Is there any difference in the MultiPrint pools available on Ethereum and BSC?
A: Yes, for tokens where native versions are not available on BSC, for example $METIS, these pools will not be available on that network.

Q: What is the APY rate for rewards?
A: Our aim is keep the APY one of the most attractive in the industry for $MCC holders to earn rewards, and the final calculations will be completed once the product is released.

Q: When can we expected MultiPrint be available?
A: We tentatively aim to release by the end of January.



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