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Multi-Chain Capital
5 min readDec 23, 2021


Multi-Chain Capital’s Current Investments

Welcome Reflectors⚡️ Nation, here are the key highlights and an overview of the farming strategy as of December 2021.

Key Highlights

  • Over 11,000 Holders.
  • $575,000 of Buy Backs with an average of $60,000 just this week.
  • $375,000 of LP Added to PancakeSwap.
  • Hyper-Deflationary tokenomics are working, Burn Wallet Increased from 35% to 35.5% in just 3 days. Expect, a supply shock as this increases and the reflections compound.

Farming Treasury

The current farming Treasury is valued at ~$12M currently.

Treasury Overview

This is broken down in a variety of investments including

  • DeFi Banks (Geist, Scream, AAVE)
  • DeFi Farms (SpookySwap, Curve)
  • High Yield DAOs ($OHM, $TIME, $KLIMA)

Network Breakdown

Of the current networks available to bridge to, we have the following breakdown of investments:

  • ~80% — Fantom — Farming and Stablecoins
  • ~9% — Ethereum — OHM and Floki
  • ~5% — Avalanche — Blizzard and TIME
  • ~2% — Polygon — AAVE and Klima DAO
  • ~1%BSC — Contains the Farming Wallet Income from #BSC

Farming Strategy

We have three main areas in the Multi-Chain Capital Strategy, Safe Stablecoin Returns, Farmings with Little to No IL (Impermanent Loss) and Compounding Returns where Possible.

#1. Focus on Constant and Safe, Stablecoin Returns.

The major focus here for Multi-Chain Capital is to ensure that the stablecoins we invest in are highly liquid and highly backed by assets or collateral. Put simply, not all stablecoins are created equal, and we have decided to focus on the three majors, $USDC and $DAI and $USDT. We then put these stablecoins into Interest Bearing or Farming Opportunities where the APY ranges from ~7% to ~20%.

Stablecoin Investments:

  • $1.1M in Scream (a fork of Compound)
  • Average of ~7% APY on $USDC and $USDT
  • Earning $SCREAM Tokens as well, with the current token price of $24.50.

Stablecoin Farming:

  • ~$888,000 split between Curve, SpookySwap and Abracadabra Money.
  • ~$687,000 in Curve, which earns trading fees and additional rewards in $FTM and $CRV. Multi-Chain Capital currently holds 1% of the total Curve 2Pool on Fantom.
  • ~$195,000 in SpookySwap, which earns trading fees, and additional rewards in $BOO (currently valued at $17.10 per token).

#2. Focus on Farming Assets with Small IL (Impermanent Loss).

  • ~$77,000 Invested in $FTM and $TOMB vault which is a liquidity position with two assets which remain stable in price. $TOMB is designed to be pegged to $FTM, so both assets remain stable in value reducing IL.
  • Currently Earning 451% APY, with over $15,000 in profit so far.

#3. Focus on Re-investing and Compounding Investments.

When we have chances to compound, or stake earned tokens for additional compensation, we will take the opportunity to increase the treasury balance and take a long term view of the market.

For example, when earning $BOO, we can stake it for additional tokens, so in this case, all of the $BOO earned from SpookySwap is going into earning additional $FTM which we can harvest and reinvest. This also allows us to keep our $BOO tokens, provided we think the project will be increasing in value over time.

High Yield, High Reward Staking

In this case, we are investing in Treasury-based DAOs like $OHM and $TIME which provide high APY (1,000+%) staking options.

Olympus DAO — $OHM — 5,099%

Wonderland — $TIME — 67,289% APY

In addition, we have also invested in some of the $OHM-forks on the Fantom network including $HEC and $SPA.

Hector DAO — 84,054% APY

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the process for Treasury Buy Backs using Farming Profits?
A: We will be bridging funds from the above farming investments back on the to the Ethereum network and then buying back $MCC tokens to use for burning or Liquidity Pool additions.

Q: What is the plan for the $MCC tokens that are bought back?
A: The plan for the $MCC tokens is two fold, considering we can do two things with the tokens.

#1. We can use them and add them to the pool with matching ETH or BNB to the LP (Liquidity Pool) and in turn increase volume.

#2. We can burn the tokens to the blackhole which will increase the highly-deflationary tokenomics.

We are currently doing both operations, with a preference to adding to the BSC LP pool currently as it is roughly 1/4 the size of Ethereum.

Q: What is the current circulating supply, and is this per chain or total?
A: The current circulating supply is 2.22T $MCC Tokens, and this can be viewed live at the MCC Supply API.

Q: Are the Uniswap and PancakeSwap LP Pools Excluded from Reflections?
A: No, this is because if users decide to add to the Liquidity Pool, they will receive their reflections.

Q: What is the progress with the Certik audit?
A: We have the initial comments back, and we are taking these into account and responding back to Certik. This is good news because that means we will be able to turn the report around relatively soon.

Q: What is the plan for future marketing?
A: We are picking the best plays in terms of marketing and will be executing in expedited time to gain exposure to the project. We have major advisors in the team who have a track record of success with multiple projects, this contributes heavily to our playbook and for our future success.



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